Inside Track Eventing Welcomes HayLo!

I’m thrilled to be a Brand Ambassador for HayLo – the latest innovation in hay and haylage feeding. The Haylo feeder is designed to encourage horses to eat from a more natural ‘grazing’ position, which has knock-on benefits for their teeth and neck/back muscles. Having had two very food-orientated (read:greedy) horses, and one who was a particularly good-doer (read:could get fat on air), this product is amazing as it slows down the horses eating and allows them to eat all night, reducing my worry that they’ve eaten everything by 10pm, and preventing me from potentially over-feeding them if they eat too quickly.

HayLo Horse FeederAdditionally, it limits wastage – both of my horses like to make ‘hay tea’ by dunking their hay in their water, and dragging their hay around their beds when they’re full, so this really helps to limit that and saves my poor yard owner money and time when it comes to mucking out!

I will be bringing along leaflets for HayLo wherever I go, so if you see me at a show or an event, do pop over to say hello and feel free to ask me any questions about the product! You can also check out HayLo’s website and Facebook page if you’d like to learn more about the product. They will have a stand at both the AIRC Riding Club Festival and the Dublin Horse Show – make sure to stop by!

Natalie xo




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