HKM ‘Gently’ Dressage Saddlepad Review

Last year I bought the HKM ‘Gently’ Dressage Saddlepad in a sale – it was a beautiful saHKM Gently Dressage Saddlepadddlepad and the turquoise family of colours are my favourite, so I had to have it!

As you can see from the image, it’s a beautiful colour, and the saddlepad itself is a nice thick pad, with fleece on the underlining. For me it’s definitely more of a work/lesson saddlepad than a competition pad, as the diamond pattern didn’t feel as ‘slick’ as I’d have liked for a competition environment. I also really liked that it fit quite nicely on a GP saddle too, and looked super on Betsey as she was grey!

Unfortunately, this particular saddlepad was not to be for me. Try as I might to to prevent it, the saddlepad continuously slipped back within 10-15 minutes of work – regardless of saddle type, using a gel pad underneath, and pulling it forward and well up into the pommel. I thought it might have been Betsey’s shape, so I hung onto it and tried it on Paddy too, only to find the same thing happen on him.

The fleece lining of the pad really appealed to me as it was super cosy for winter and comfortable for regular schooling – however this ended up being to my detriment as spring came and Betsey and Paddy left half their winter coats on the pad, resulting in a lot of elbow grease from me to get them off!

In the end, as beautiful as this saddlepad is, I decided that it wasn’t for me. I sold it via a preloved Facebook group to a buyer who has a number of these saddlepads already and is a big fan – so there are people out there who this pad works for, just not for me I’m afraid. I’m still a little bit heartbroken over it as it’s one of the most beautiful saddlepads I have ever owned!

Natalie xo

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