Inside Track… Showjumping?

Showjumping is my kryptonite. I’ve always seen it as the necessary evil between the Dressage (which I love) and getting to run riot on the XC course, and I have never really enjoyed it. Between trying to get that elusive ‘canter’ (AGH THE CANTER), and trying to see a stride (WHY do I always go for the long one?!), it’s generally just always been a demotivating experience for me.

And yet, somehow, here I am, a fully fledged member of Showjumping Ireland.

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 17.00.29Never in a million years did I think I would enjoy showjumping, never mind shell out my precious pennies to actively compete in the sport. But it made sense to do it – Paddy hasn’t done much dressage, he has done no XC, and I want to get him out competing this year.

He’s got lots of experience jumping and even has SJI points from before I bought him. And, somehow, despite the human potato flopping about on his back, being generally indecisive about what kind of canter she wants or where the takeoff point should be, he manages to go clear. Regularly.

So for the rest of the year you may refer to us as ‘Inside Track Showjumping‘. Well, not really. For starters, it would be a lot of hassle to change my domain name. Additionally, I plan to XC and Dressage this year too, we just won’t be competitive. It’s unlikely we’ll be competitive showjumping either (see above RE human potato), but we’ll give it a go anyway, and at the very least I am pretty sure I’ll enjoy myself.

Natalie xo


  1. Ha I thought I was the only one who would much prefer eventing modified to just dressage and XC haha! Good luck with Paddy and all those pesky rails that I can never leave in their cups 😉

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