Behind the Scenes at the Dublin Horse Show with: The Equine Startup

The Dublin Horse Show.

‘The RDS’.


The highlight of every Irish equestrian’s year – from ‘taking the week off work’, to the trade stand bargains, and the craic at the Long Bar, there is no doubt that the Horse Show is an event not to be missed.

This post is the first in a series of posts covering the Dublin Horse Show, from the perspective of some of the people who will be actively taking part in it this week – from the business with a trade stand, to the people who work behind the scenes to ensure the horses are in tip-top condition, and of course not forgetting the competitors themselves!

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Part 1: The Equine Startup

HayLo Horse FeederToday I chatted to Barbara, one half of HayLo – the latest innovation in hay feeders to come to market. Barbara and her business partner Gill have been developing and iterating on the HayLo feeder product for over three years, and the response since launching HayLo has been nothing short of positive! HayLo have a stand at the Dublin Horse Show this year, make sure to pop by – you can find them outside behind Ring 3/beside Hall 2, stand #SH3.

Congrats on the launch of your exciting new product, Barbara! What does it mean for you as a business to have a presence at an event like the Dublin Horse Show?

Bringing our companies first product, the HayLo Feeder to market is a very exciting prospect, and what better venue for maximum exposure in Ireland than the Dublin Horse show! Horse Show week is one of the highlights in the calendar year for equestrian enthusiasts, both at home & abroad, for Dublin is special – it’s the atmosphere, the horses, the people , the ‘Craic’….

I have been coming to Dublin in for as long as I can remember, and there really is something for everyone – from the Nations Cup to the Pony Club Games; the Puissance to the Hunt Chase; Showing/ Driving/ Mare & Foal …the list goes on… not to mention the glamour of Ladies Day and the catching up with old friends for one (or 10!) in the shows many bars… while a shopping trip to the trade stands through out the course of the week is a must. As I said, Dublin is special, and we are delighted to be a part of it this year and looking forward to a great show!

I’m seeing a lot of innovation coming into the Equine industry lately, which is exciting for me as a horse owner! Can you tell me a little bit about the innovation behind HayLo and what makes it so different from anything else we’ve seen before?

The patented design of thHayLo Horse Feedere HayLo feeder as a whole makes it truly innovative and unique. The feeding grill with its interchangeable feeding discs of different hole sizes ensures the horse can ONLY access the forage via the feeding holes, truly slowing down the eating process & eliminating all waste. The presence of the rim ensures the feeding grill CANNOT come out of the tub, so the horse can only ever access the forage via the feeding discs. Finally, the positioning of the four fixing points on the tub allows the feeder to be securely fixed to the stable wall or paddock fence line, so the feeder cannot be moved by the horse. It is also suitable for both hay & haylage.

I’m always in awe at the number of stands and the individuality of the setup of each company’s stand when I come to Dublin every year. What have you been up to this week to get you and your stand set up and ready to meet your customers? 

I set up the stand on Saturday which was great, as the advance set up allowed for any last minute bits that needed to be done in the days leading up toWednesday. Really it is a case of ensuring the products are in situ, all marketing materials are at the ready, and all help is on board and briefed for the week ahead.

What is your favourite part of the Horse Show?

Since I was a child, and still to this day, my favourite class, and one I wouldn’t miss for the world, is the Puissance.

Wishing Barbara and Gill a great first week at the Dublin Horse Show this year – do make sure to stop by and check out the HayLo feeder for yourself! 

Natalie xo


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