My Favourite Blogs & Resources

I never would have plucked up the courage to start writing about my own horsey journey if I hadn’t been so inspired by others already doing it so well!

Below I have put together a list of some of my favourite blogs or pages that I follow – there are from lots of different Equestrian spheres, which I think is nice as they give different perspectives!

Diary of a Wimpy Eventer

Follow the hilarious, witty, and eloquent Victoria Brant as she (in her words) tries to find her missing balls – a total wimp pursuing an eventing comeback! Never afraid to be open and say things as she sees them, Victoria will have you both motivated and laughing in equal measure, as you follow her and her wonderful Pat-pony’s adventures into the world of Eventing.

Diamonds in the Rough Dressage

Follow two sisters, Fran & Nic, on their dressage journey with their horses Goofy & Fig. I really like this blog because they are honest – they share the good and the bad, and they are real ‘thinking’ horsewomen. They are constantly trying new things that might improve their horses’ quality of life, and always put their horses first. The page is also a haven for Matchy Matchy lovers!

Gift Horse Eventing

Chloe is an amateur Eventer, Sponsored Rider, and a self-confessed ‘Racehorse Recycler’. I really like Chloe as I identify with her – she works full-time in advertising (like me!), works hard to school her own horses and prepare them for Eventing, and is always looking at new products that can help her or her horses. She has a great writing style too!

Shoestring Eventing

Sarah-Jane is another amateur Eventer and Sponsored Rider. She is also Eventing on a shoestring (hence the name) and operating out of a remote area, which can make things challenging for her. And she has great successes! I admire Sarah-Jane’s dedication and focus, and I follow her Facebook page for updates regularly

Gee Gee & Me

My go-to resource when it comes to product reviews! Jessica is constantly trialling and testing new products with her very cute Connemara pony, Oscar, and will share good honest feedback on the products she trials. She also has a Facebook page here. 

Horseplay are primarily an Equestrian Directory and online marketplace, however they do also have a blog on their site where they host guest bloggers from all walks of Equestrian life – professional and amateur riders, fitness coaches, vets and many more. I like the variety in their posts and there’s always something to be learned and/or laughed at!

Eventing Connect

A great resource for Eventers around the globe, with everything from horse and stable management, to schooling exercises and event reports. They also have guest bloggers and I follow this regularly!

The Chronicle of the Horse

Similiar to Eventing Connect, Chron of Horse has a plethora of information, but my favourite section is the ‘Columns’ section, which houses all their blog posts. I really like the ‘Amateurs Like Us’ segment, as this highlights the more ‘real’ aspect of trying to compete as an amateur, with a full time job, or kids, or an other half, etc.

Denny Emerson/Tamarack Hill Farm

Denny Emerson is one of the best horsemen around, and has been involved in the Eventing game for a while now. His base, Tamarack Hill Farm, is where he shares his golden nuggets of wisdom on Facebook, and then shares them from his own Facebook page. He has some great insights and I always look forward to reading his posts.


This isn’t *quite* a blog, but it is an absolute wealth of information, and a fabulous community! In their own words -“#twittereventing is a group of event riders and eventing supporters – of all levels – who originally met via Twitter, and who were keen to share thoughts and opinions on the sport we love. We are primarily a support group. We offer each other help and advice, we aim to meet up at events where possible, and to support each other in our endeavours.”


This is my go-to page when I’m looking for new polework ideas. Love this page!

I am always looking for new blogs, sites and pages to follow – please share your favourites in the comments and I’ll be sure to review them and update my list!

Natalie xo


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