Live on Facebook, and Exciting News!

New Facebook Page!

I’m fairly active on social media with my blog – across Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and a few blog networks such as Bloglovin. However, the one channel I never mustered the courage to create my own space on, was Facebook. I have always shared my updates on my personal page, because I have a good horsey network on there, and the commitment required to keep a Facebook page up to date was much more than that of Twitter, Instagram, etc. Also, I’m not sure I had the courage to go quite as ‘public’ as being on Facebook would make me!

However, as I’ve become more active, with more updates to share, and as the response to my blog has been so positive, I have finally bitten the bullet and created a Facebook page! I figured it was about time to start sharing more regular updates with my followers that don’t necessarily warrant a blog post, for example pictures of new product purchases before I have a chance to do a full review, or a short update on a schooling session that I might not have time to write a full post about.

And in other (very exciting) news…

I also have been extremely lucky to be asked by Horse Health to review and share my feedback on some of their LeMieux product range – to say I am BEYOND excited would be an understatement! LeMieux are one of my ‘must-have’ brands – everything from their fabulous matchy-matchy sets, to their practical-yet-gorgeous coolers and boots. I feel honoured to have been chosen by Horse Health as they had hundreds of bloggers apply for this opportunity, and I’m excited to help them promote and develop their amazing product range. It’s great to see prestigious brands supporting grass-roots riders, and I can’t wait to start sharing some of their products with my followers!

Stay tuned for more regular updates on my social channels, and the usual more detailed posts on my blog. Until next time!

Natalie xo

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