Unboxing our LeMieux Goodies from HorseHealth!

What's in the box?!

What’s in the box?!

HorseHealth, my go-to company for all things LeMieux and Acavallo, recently put out an appeal for bloggers who would review their products and promote them via their blog. Given LeMieux are one of my favourite brands, and I should probably have a standing order of some sort set up for horsehealth.co.uk at this stage, I jumped at the chance to apply. I couldn’t believe my luck when they reached out to me to say I had been shortlisted from a few hundred people to review their LeMieux products! Based on my discipline, I’ve been sent a couple of products to trial, test and review, and hopefully HorseHealth and LeMieux will be happy enough with my work to keep me on as a regular blogger!

On Tuesday morning I arrived to the office (after being off sick) to a big box covered in HorseHealth tape – excitement! I couldn’t wait to open the box and see what LeMieux goodies I was getting to try!

So, what was in the box?

LeMieux Carbon Cooler

LeMieux Carbon Cooler

LeMieux Carbon Cooler – I just love the branding!

I was thrilled to receive the LeMieux Carbon Cooler, as I’ve been considering buying a new cooler for Paddy a while now. I’ve currently got a cheap fleece rug that I put on him going to shows, and I really wanted something that would look a bit nicer for when we go out and about, as well as being practical and durable. The cooler matches Paddy’s travel boots, so it’s already a winner for me! My first impressions are that it is extremely soft, good quality material, and will have a variety of uses – from cooling after exercise, to travelling to shows, and even as a rug to wrap around us while warming up on colder days. I just love the branding of the rug, it’s so different to any rug I’ve ever had before and I’ll be really proud to showcase the LeMieux branding when I take Paddy out and about.

LeMieux Teknique Tendon & Fetlock Boots

I’m so excited to have got a tendon and fetlock boot set! I’ve always had cheap-ish PVC-type boots that velcro at the front, simply due to the lack of priority I’ve placed on showjumping! Now that I’m a little less scared of it, and I’ve started to think about how I can avoid looking like a homeless person riding a mountain moorland pony when I go to shows, I was starting to think that I really should invest in a decent set of jumping boots. I am conscious of boots that pinch (i.e. I don’t want them) and boots that keep legs cool (i.e. I do want them!), so when HorseHealth said they were sending me the Teknique boots it really couldn’t have been better timing!

The boots have a freeform gel lining which is contoured specifically to protect tendons, and I can tell you now that they feel so SQUISHY inside – I believe that is the technical term for it. You can tell that they will be comfortable for the horse, as well as protecting the most valuable bits of his leg – both with the gel lining and the reinforced strike pads on the outside. They also have mesh vents which allow air to flow through, thus keeping the legs cool. Finally, the fastenings are hooks (no more velcro, yay!), and the elastic is wider than most boots I’ve seen – good for distributing pressure more evenly. I have lots of jumping going on over the next two weeks with Paddy, so really looking forward to trying these out!

LeMieux Teknique Tendon Boots

LeMieux Teknique Tendon Boots

LeMieux Teknique Fetlock Boots

LeMieux Teknique Fetlock Boots










I had a think about ways I could bring the products to life for my readers, and the one thing that came to mind was how little of the product you actually get to explore when you shop online. I do a lot of research before I buy my products, but I still don’t get to touch or feel the products when I buy online, I only get to see pictures. So I’ve decided to showcase the products that LeMieux and HorseHealth have sent me as much as possible via video, as well as the usual pictures and blog posts. My first video is an ‘unboxing’ video – if the tech fans can do it with iPhones, why can’t the horse fans do it for rugs and boots?! Who can tell how many times I said the word excited?! Hope you all enjoy – go easy on me, this is my first video!



Looking forward to using our new products – thanks so much to horsehealth.co.uk for this fantastic opportunity!

Natalie xo


    • Yes Emma they are so lush aren’t they! The look and feel of the products is so high quality, and often this is not reflected in the price as they are never as expensive as I expect them to be! Fingers crossed they will have more stockists stateside soon, or if you ever come on holidays to Europe make sure to stock up 🙂

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