Product Review: LeMieux Carbon Cooler

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Waiting for a sweaty, hairy horse to dry after riding for what feels like WEEKS.

One of the biggest Equestrian #WinterWoes is waiting for a sweaty horse to cool down so you can put their rug back on and tuck them into bed. This is especially true for those of us who work full-time, and tend to ride in the evenings after work – it’s late, we’re cold (because we’re sweaty and starting to cool down too), and we’d really like to JUST GO HOME already. Paddy is a naturally sweaty horse, and his winter coat also seems to grow back in what feels like a week (overdramatic), so I was often waiting at the yard for quite a while after riding for him to cool down with his fleece cooler.

Thankfully, HorseHealth came to the rescue with their LeMieux Carbon Cooler – I couldn’t believe my luck when they told me this would be one of the products they would be sending me to review. My excitement when the box arrived to the office was at an all-time high – you can find out more about my first impressions, and the look and feel of the rug in this ‘unboxing’ video I did here.

Paddy and I have been putting the LeMieux Carbon Cooler through it’s paces for the last few weeks, and after properly testing it out I now feel I can give a fair assessment of the product.

Design & Material

lemieux carbon cooler

The LeMieux Carbon Cooler I received. This image shows the innovative carbon nano-fibre lining.

  • The Carbon Cooler features a unique Carbon nano fibre inner lining, which covers the shoulders, back and quarters – this material is designed to (and does) keep these key muscle areas consistently warm. This material is extremely soft and feels so cosy!
  • The carbon nano-fibre is only used to cover those key muscle areas, while the remainder of the cooler is made of close-weave mesh, which encourages airflow and thus cooling.
  • The wither area is covered by a soft fleece material which prevents rubbing.
  • The cooler has adjustable surcingles which I love – many coolers don’t have them, and I prefer rugs with them to prevent the rug swinging up on a windy day! It closes at the back with a tail strap, there is no tail flap or leg straps.
  • The rug closes in front with clips, however the length of the straps is totally adjustable using buckles – I love how quickly I can open and close the rug.

Sizing & Fit

  • The rug comes in standard rug sizing (feet & inches) and is true to size – Paddy is a 6″6′ and it fits him perfectly with no bum exposed!
  • The rug contours the horse’s body really well – it does not pull backwards on the shoulders or withers, and you are not left with any ‘gaps’ in front where it closes.
  • It is also not too long down the legs at the back either, a real bug-bear of mine!

Functionality & Uses

lemieux carbon cooler

No gaps at the front! I hate seeing a horse’s chest through the front of a rug – the adjustability and ease of these fastenings is a godsend.

As the name suggests, the LeMieux Carbon Cooler is designed to be a cooler – it’s incredibly lightweight, and designed to

encourage airflow. However, because of it’s innovative design, I have found that it has so many more uses than just cooling! So far I have used it for:

  • As a cooler post-exercise – On it’s own or under a fleece rug if we are away from home and it’s cold (see below)
  • To keep the horse warm while travelling to/from a show – as it’s quite cold at the moment, and Paddy is fully clipped, I am putting the cooler on under a fleece rug after exercise. The Carbon Cooler keeps those key muscles warm, while the fleece over the cooler just gives him an extra ‘jacket’ in the colder temperatures.
  • To keep muscles warm while waiting for our next class – as I often do two classes at a show, I will wrap this around Paddy’s hindquarters and my own legs while walking around the warmup. I find it keeps us both nice and toasty!
  • To warm up muscles prior to exercise – I do this if I am waiting for someone to leave the arena before my session, or if it’s particularly cold and I’m doing some walk-work around the arena.


No better horse than Paddy to test the durability of a rug! He has a penchant for rubbing his hindquarters off the back of the trailer when we go travelling, and any rug he wears takes a beating due to this. The Carbon Cooler has really stood up to the abuse, after six trips out in it, with vigorous tail-rubbing, we have a mere few bobbles at the back of the rug which are only noticeable because I examined the rug with a fine-tooth comb!


lemieux carbon cooler

Looking very smart in his LeMieux Carbon Cooler – and it matches his travel boots!

I have to finish my review on the appearance, because I think we can all agree that this rug looks like no other rug you’ll have seen before.

  • It is such a smart rug, and while the pictures on the HorseHealth website look great, I personally think it looks even better when you put it on the horse in-person!
  • There hasn’t been a person I’ve walked past with Paddy in tow that hasn’t commented on how smart the rug looks, and the monochrome colours really make it look sophisticated.
  • The front of the rug where it fastens up also looks very smart, and overall the rug has a tidy finish.
  • And as a massive LeMieux fan, I am proud to have Paddy wearing their branding across this rug when I go to shows.

Overall, this rug has proven to be an extremely versatile and functional rug (more-so than I expected when I received it) which has now formed part of Paddy’s staple wardrobe. I love that I can use it for everything from cooling down to warming up, and the fact that it looks so smart is an added bonus. The final bonus in my eyes is the price – it is currently retailing at just under £50, which considering its versatility and quality, is great value for money. The carbon nano-fibre material has proved so successful in this rug that LeMieux have begun to introduce it into their other rugs such as the Thermo-Cool rug too. Now if they could make one for us sweaty humans…

You can buy the Carbon Cooler here – I would highly recommend this (along with any of the LeMieux rugs with the carbon nano-fibre lining in them), to my followers. Happy shopping!

Natalie xo

This product was sent to me by HorseHealth to test and review, but my review is honest and unbiased – I thoroughly test all products before posting a review, and will never recommend or endorse a product I do not truly believe in. 

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