Product Review: LeMieux Teknique Tendon & Fetlock Boots

For years, I have had the same set of PVC tendon and fetlock boots with velcro straps. Velcro straps that are now covered screen-shot-2016-11-28-at-23-55-47in hay, a mixture of grey and bay horse hairs, and don’t quite stick like they used to. PVC that is now covered in scuffs and scratches, and doesn’t shine up or look as smart as I’d like.

Now that I am actually starting to get some decent results out showjumping, and Paddy and I have joined the ‘showjumpers club’ for the winter (we may even join next year again *GASP*), I had been thinking about getting a decent pair of smart, yet functional tendon boots for shows and clinics. I wanted boots that would keep Paddy’s legs cool, wouldn’t pinch (they are not my thing), and would protect his legs as much as possible. And that looked delicious, obviously.

Enter LeMieux, with their Teknique Tendon & Fetlock Boots. These tendon boots are the latest in the range of innovative boots that LeMieux have brought out – I love their Snug Boots and have so many friends who rate them extremely highly, so had no doubt that these boots would be amazing. You can see my first impressions of the boots when I received them in this unboxing video I did here.

Design & Material

  • LeMieux Teknique Tendon Boots

    LeMieux Teknique Tendon Boots

    The Teknique boots have a unique freeform gel lining, which is specifically shaped to contour the tendons – this ensures the tendons are protected from the stress and concussion of both jumping and turning.

  • The gel lining is like no other boot I have felt before – you can clearly feel how LeMieux have added extra gel around the places that need the most protection, unlike other boots I’ve felt, which have the same gel density throughout the lining.
  • The outer boot is made of a hardened PU (polyurethane) mould for added strength, and the back of the boot is reinforced with embossed PU Leather. They feel extremely strong, and as Paddy brushes in front I expected them to take a beating but they still clean up very smart and don’t move at all.
  • The boots have mesh vents on either side, to encourage airflow and minimise heat build up. After a few hours of wearing them at a XC clinic, and another day at two showjumping classes, I’ve yet to see any evidence that they have been on his legs, and there has been no heat. Success!
  • Finally, the boots close using three elastic straps on brass fastenings – easy to open and close, and the elastic on the straps is thick enough to prevent any kind of rubbing or pinching.

Sizing & Fit

  • Fit of the tendon boots from the front.

    Fit of the tendon boots from the front.

    The boots come in two sizes – Medium (Pony/Cob) and Large (Cob/Horse). I got the Large for Paddy, and they fit him perfectly.

  • The measurements for the Tendon boots can be found here, and for the Fetlock boots, here.
  • There are three notches on the fastenings, and I have been closing the boots on the second notch front and back. As Paddy’s legs are of an average size for his height, my opinion would be that there would be no problem with the Large fitting up to 17.2 and down to 15.2.

    Tendon boots from the side.

    Tendon boots from the side.

Functionality & Uses

  • The boots are hardwearing and durable – Paddy brushes in front but there is only mild evidence of this on the strike pads with some scuffs.
  • So far I have used them for showjumping, cross country and hacking – they do not overheat the legs and work well for all these disciplines.
  • They are smart enough for shows and clinics, and I tend to keep them for ‘good use’ as they are so nice!
  • The straps do not rub or pinch, and even though Paddy’s legs are quite hairy you can only see a small bit of hair poking out over the elastic!
  • The boots stay in place and do not twist or turn.


Overall, I really like these boots – they look smart, fit properly, wear well, and protect Paddy’s legs. Is there anything else you could want in a boot? Oh, yes – the price! Well, LeMieux have that box ticked too. You can currently get the full set from HorseHealth for just £84.95 – that’s front and back boots all in that price! Link to buy here. If you’d prefer to buy per pair, you can get the Tendon Boots here, and the Fetlock boots here

I think you’ll agree they look pretty smart on Paddy – I fully credit them for our track record of three weeks in a row going clear, and definitely not touching the poles!

Looking smart out jumping, and not touching the poles, in his tendon & fetlock boots! Credit: Louise O'Brien Photography.

Looking smart out jumping, and not touching the poles, in his tendon & fetlock boots! Credit: Louise O’Brien Photography.


Natalie xo

This product was sent to me by HorseHealth to test and review, but my review is honest and unbiased – I thoroughly test all products before posting a review, and will never recommend or endorse a product I do not truly believe in. 

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