Product Review: LeMieux Hay Tidy Hay Bag

Hands up whose pony is a pig?! Whether it’s his dinner, his evening haylage, or a packed haynet on the way to a show, somehow Paddy always seems to plough through his portion in about half the time a normal horse should. A 45-minute journey to a show often results in an almost empty haynet, and I usually have to bring two at least for a longer trip.

For the most part, this doesn’t bother me. I’m happy for Paddy to have ad-lib hay/haylage – within reason, as let’s not forget, he IS a pig – but it’s the amount of it that’s wasted that bothers me. About half the haylage ends up on the floor of the trailer, from him so aggressively pulling it out of the net on our trip. After months of tipping tear-jerking amounts of wasted forage into the muck heap, I was ready to cry tears of joy when LeMieux came up with their Hay Tidy range – the Hay Tidy Bag and the Hay Tidy Net. LeMieux kindly sent me the Hay Bag to try, so this is the one I’ll be reviewing for my followers.


  • To start with, it’s extremely important to note that the Hay Bag matches the colour of my trailer. My trailer is burgundy, but should you have a blue or navy trailer, you can also get a matching Hay Bag in this colour.
  • For those of you that do not have burgundy or navy/blue trailers, I assure you that the bag is certainly stylish enough to improve the overall interior design of your trailer.

    LeMieux Hay Tidy Hay Bag

    LeMieux Hay Tidy Hay Bag

  • Unlike haynets which have holes all over that allow the horse to access hay anywhere, the Hay Bag just has a set of smaller sized holes at the front of the bag.
  • Less access points = less likelihood of pulling the hay out from everywhere and onto the floor!


  • It’s also important to note that the Hay Bag is much bigger than you’d think. When I looked at the image on the Horse Health website, I thought it looked a little small and wouldn’t do for a long-distance journey, but on opening it up it’s much larger – there are no dimensions on the site but I measured it up against a saddlepad and it’s about the same size.
  • When measured against the size of a standard haynet, it’s a little bigger, though I would expect this as the Hay Bag has much less flexibility and expansive capacity than a haynet.

Securing the Net

  • The bag has a handy adjustable strap and clip to allow you to easily set the height at which you secure your hay bag. I simply pull the strap out to the max length, loop it around one of the bars in the front of my trailer, and secure it by clipping it back onto the D ring at the front.
  • For “aggressive eaters” like Paddy, who pull at the bag and spin it in all sorts of directions, never fear, as LeMieux have thought of this too! While there are no holes at the back in case they do spin it around (as this would multiply the number of access points – see above RE pulling hay onto floor), there is a handy D ring at the back towards the bottom of the net, which allows you to secure it to the box on the top and bottom.
  • I would recommend securing the Hay Bag so that the holes are at eye level, as otherwise clever ponies will figure out how to pull the hay from the top of the bag!
  • I clip it onto the trailer with a leadrope to stop it spinning, and so far Paddy has not been able to spin it – despite his best efforts, as you can see in the video below!



  • As you can also see in the video above, every bit of hay that comes out of the Hay Bag goes into Paddy’s mouth (for the most part). It also slows him down when eating significantly!
  • My mucking out of wasted forage has been drastically reduced on return from our trips, and the hay also lasts much longer – a 45-minute trip over and back would result in a partially full Hay Bag, vs an almost empty haynet on leaving for our return journey in the past.
  • For longer trips I would suggest bringing an additional haynet to fill the bag with, for example if at a show all day.
  • The time it takes to fill the Hay Bag is much shorter than a haynet – I can fill the bag in about 30seconds!

My burgundy trailer and LeMieux Hay Bag, all matchy matchy. Not to be detracted from my ninja pony who is looking very smart in his LeMieux Lycra Hood!

All in all, one of the best products I have seen come onto the market from LeMieux – reduction in wasted forage, increase in time it takes to eat the forage, and reduced time filling haynets. A must-have for any lorry or trailer (ESPECIALLY if you have one that’s burgundy or navy/blue), and all for only £16.96! To get a further 5% off, use the code BLOGGER-PROMO-5 at

Are there any products you would like to see reviewed? Let me know in the comments or pop me a mail!

Natalie xo

This product was sent to me by HorseHealth to test and review, but my review is honest and unbiased – I thoroughly test all products before posting a review, and will never recommend or endorse a product I do not truly believe in. 


  1. A matchy-matchy haybag & trailer – very stylish!! 🙂
    I always avoid tying my haynet to the outside of my wagon as I find it leaves scratches where it swings – do you think this would do the same?

    • Hmmm… not something I’ve ever actually thought of Sophie, but good question! I have a trailer so don’t see it affected that much, but I would say the material on the bag itself should be OK, the only thing you’d need to watch is the D ring at the back as it’s metal. An option could be to secure it to the wagon through the D ring so it wouldn’t move, and then hopefully wouldn’t scratch it?

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