Product Review: LeMieux Merino+ Sensitive Eurojump Pad


LeMieux Merino+ Sensitive Eurojump Pad

LeMieux Merino+ Sensitive Eurojump Pad (Navy)

Paddy and I have been trialling the LeMieux Merino+ Sensitive Eurojump Pad for a few months now, and as well as featuring a lot of words in its name, it also packs a lot of features into one pad! The Sensitive Eurojump pad was designed for – you guessed it – the sensitive horse, namely the sensitive-skinned horse who has a tendency to get rubs quite easily. This pad couldn’t have arrived at a better time as EVERYTHING was rubbing Paddy – his saddle pads, his rugs, his boots… the list goes on. I was spending every evening after work scrupulously grooming before riding, and smearing Megatek everywhere after riding to keep his coat growing. Thankfully I didn’t lose his mane!


Design & Fit

This pad is a much closer fit to my Monoflap saddle and suits the style really well.

I want to start with the design of this pad, as it’s quite different from your standard close contact pads that LeMieux typically produce. The Eurojump is a new style which is designed to be more closely fitted to the shape of modern jumping saddles, and those who find the CC pads too forward cut may find this style fits their saddle much better.

It still has the D ring attachments, but features a wider girth strap with three inner-locking loops to give you more ways to attach the girth. You can see it fitted to my Amerigo Vega Monoflap saddle on the left here for reference.

A friend also tried the pad on her horse for a few days and found it fit her saddle really well too! (Equipe Close Contact Saddle).


The material is obviously the huge draw of this pad, as it is lined with Merino wool around the edges to protect sensitive or

The Merino+ Wool lining. Look how thick it is!

light coats, or those that are afflicted with the annual ‘change of coats’. It’s important to note that this pad is not lined throughout with wool, just on the edges (see pic) where you are most likely to get rubs – this makes it much easier to keep clean (especially if coats are changing), you can wash regularly, and your horse will stay cooler during exercise.


I’d like to take a moment to display my Googling prowess, and give you a bit of info on Merino wool, as we are all pretty familiar with the general term sheepskin when we talk about using wool on our horses. Merino wool is more durable than other wools, stronger, yet softer than others – it is also lighter and more breathable. All of this basically means that the lining of your pad will last longer while feeling much nicer for your horse!

The pad is lined with a soft bamboo lining which makes it very breathable, wicking away sweat, and also feels super-soft on the outside.

Practical Use

I used this pad consistently for almost a month, pretty much every session – Paddy sweated, we got rained on, and I used it during his coat change.

  • The hair that had been rubbed from previous pads did not rub any further, and his coat began to grow back too.
  • He did not sweat excessively under the pad and you could barely see the imprint of where the pad had been on his coat, whereas the girth area was sweaty
  • The pad is smart enough for a show or clinic, while practical enough for day-to-day use.


The pad in action at a recent Eventing clinic. Photo Credit: Louise O’Brien Photography.

Well I got to test how the pad washes pretty early because the pad flew off Paddy’s back in the wind, and into a muddy puddle…

I put it on wash at 40degrees with some non-bio detergent, it was covered in mud when it went in and came out spotless.

A bonus which I didn’t expect was it dried twice as fast as my other pads – I had two pads in the wash together and this one was dry overnight while the other one took much longer to dry!

This is a must have for anyone with sensitive-skinned horses, or who get rubs when their coat is changing. If your horse does not have sensitive skin, but you have a less forward cut jumping saddle and like this design, I’d highly recommend the Eurojump line which you can find here.

Colours: Navy/Black wool, White/Natural wool & Black/Black wool
Full size only

Natalie xo

This product was sent to me by HorseHealth to test and review, but my review is honest and unbiased – I thoroughly test all products before posting a review, and will never recommend or endorse a product I do not truly believe in. 

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    Merino wool is meant to be amazing stuff i dont have any but its usdd a lot in proper hiking stuff so extreme conditions

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