Product Review: Easy Stud Plugz

LeMieux Stud PlugzIf I asked any eventer what their most loathed eventing-related task is, be that before, during, or after the event, I would feel fairly confident in assuming that a large proportion of them would mention tapping stud holes before the event.

SIGH. It is the worst.

If you’re lucky enough, and you have a good horse who will pick up his feet and stand quietly while you faff around with his feet, at the bare minimum you’ll have to fight with wedged in grit, the inevitable horse poo, and never getting the tap in correctly the first time. Oh, and of course, the constant fear that your horse will stand down at the exact moment you have the tap screwed in. If you have a pain in the rear horse, you have all of this plus constantly fighting with him to keep his foot still/up, and tapping at lightning speed because he could drop his foot at any second.

And after all this, the cotton wool falls out of the stud hole, or you can’t get the sleeper stud out, or somehow you still end up tapping the stud holes before your dressage the next morning.

I am sorry to tell you that I don’t bring you a solution to the pain that is tapping stud holes before the event. Or at least, I don’t bring you a solution for the first time you have to tap the stud holes. I do, however, bring you a solution that reduces the likelihood yoLeMieux Stud Plugzu will have to re-tap the next day, or even tap before another event for as long as your shoes last. Big promises, people.

Enter the Easy Stud Plugz. Resembling the rubber covers for in-ear headphones, these nifty little buds slot into your freshly-tapped stud holes and stay stuck in there until you remove them with a farriers nail (or my weapon of choice, the EasyStud Hole Pic). They slot snugly into the stud hole, and are easily removed. I have not yet had one get stuck, and have only once lost one between tapping and having to put studs in – that day I had done my dressage and showjumping on sand prior, so not sure if this had a part to play. However, it shouldn’t, as I have left the plugs in for days at a time and they have not fallen out, so I was unlucky that time I think! Also, only on one occasion did I have to re-tap a stud hole – although this could be entirely down to my questionable cleaning and tapping skills.

The Stud Plugz can be left in between events, and can also be reused – although I am a demon for dropping them and not being able to find them in the grass, so I would recommend that you pick the pink pair if you are like me and misplace things! They come in packs of 60, so if you’re being super frivolous and throwing them away after every run, you’ll get a solid 7.5 runs out of them – but if you’re using them like I have been, they’ll last you ages as you can keep them in between runs and reuse them again. The packs retail at £7.96, and you can buy them here.

This product was sent to me by HorseHealth to test and review, but my review is honest and unbiased – I thoroughly test all products before posting a review, and will never recommend or endorse a product I do not truly believe in. 

Natalie xo


    • Davina Gray

      I put the flat studs in the night before and find that great, also sheeps wool is also good for plugging them

      • I had a terrible experience with a sleeper stud before, it got stuck in the stud hole and I couldn’t get it out! Think I’ve been afraid to use them since – though again I would likely put it down to my questionable cleaning and tapping skills, rather than the stud itself 🙂

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