Competition Report: “Try Eventing” at Lisgarvan House

So this week I chucked in a last minute entry for Paddy and I into “Try Eventing” at Lisgarvan House Stud, to get another XC run under his belt as he’s so green. This was going to be his first time doing dressage and showjumping on grass, so it was all about learning for us both!

The weather was super and the ground was great. The pony was exuberant and the rider was only partly prepared!

A nice dressage, if a little tense, for 36.5. I was happy with this as he was full of beans! You can watch our test here. The judge actually wrote “circle huge” for our 15m circle… time to go back to the maths again!

The showjumping warmup was super, a bit spooky during his round but I left feeling relatively pleased, only to be told that I casually cantered straight past number 5 and got us eliminated! Sack the bloody jockey!!

The XC was AMAZING. He gave me a SUPER spin and I could really feel his confidence today – he locked on to his fences and took them all on bravely. I shouted “GOOD BOY” after every fence, you could hear me across the field! Clear and inside the time, woohoo!

Popping fence 1!

Not too many picturess as we were Eventing solo today, but a friend got a super snap of us going over the first fence. Clever pony, your exuberance in the dressage is forgiven, and I’m so sorry I let you down in the showjumping. I won’t make that mistake again!

Huge thanks to Lisgarvan for putting on a great event!

Natalie xo


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