The Trouble with Horses is…

There never is a right time for something to go wrong with your horse, but it’s certainly tougher when it happens at the start of the season!

Unfortunately Paddy has given himself a bit of a knock and needs some time off to heal. The good news is we found it very early and he will make a full recovery and return to Eventing with no issue. The bad news is that the only thing that will heal this is time, and I have no patience!

Between the box rest and bringing him back into work, ultimately this season is going to be written off for us – which is gutting given how well he was going, but I’m glad he’s going to make a full recovery. And now we wait… 

And that’s the trouble with horses. As soon as things start to go well, you can be sure something will happen that will scupper your plans.


The trouble with horses is that you can work very hard and do everything by the book, as you’re supposed to, but at the end of the day things happen that mean even the best laid plans have to change.

The trouble with horses is that they are expensive, and they still have to be paid for even when they’re out of action – and usually cost more.

The trouble with horses is that they need care and attention whether in or out of work, whether you’re hungover or sick, or you’re not in the mood or have to be somewhere.

But the trouble with horses is that you can quickly forget the long winters in the rain, the early morning starts, and the crap days, when you gallop across the finish line, ride a flowing dressage test, or land over that final showjump clear.

The trouble with horses is that you can’t just “take a break” from them for a while. They get into your bloodstream, become a part of who you are, part of your identify – not just a hobby.

The trouble with horses is that it’s not just about the riding, or the competitions. It’s all the other stuff in between – the care, the bonding, the partnership you create with a half-tonne animal who takes care of you when its natural instinct is to take care of itself.


Credit: Louise O’Brien Photography

The trouble with horses is that they’re a lifestyle choice. An addiction. A de-stresser. An all-consuming, spirit-lifting, heart-breaking, soul-filling lifestyle choice. A best friend. A partner in crime.

And the trouble with horses is – I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Natalie xo


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