Tried & Tested: Horseware Riding Tights

I talk a lot about #AmateurRiderProblems – the challenges those of us who work full-time (or any time) and have to try

Obviously I am now a model.

and fit in our job, horses, and some kind of ‘life admin’ in between as well. This is a problem I face on a daily, weekly, monthly basis – trying to fit everything in and do it with some sort of competence. Additionally, I possess the desperate quality of forgetfulness, which means I often leave gym gear at home, my work badge, my work shoes (and have to go to my meetings in my runners)… and my riding kit after work. Once I turned up to a lesson in a skirt and tights with no change of clothes – thankfully one of the girls had a spare pair of breeches in her car, or I would have been doing my lesson sidesaddle!

If you’re anything like me, and are either time-poor or exceptionally forgetful, then you need to get your hands on a pair of Riding Tights. The latest apparel craze to sweep the equestrian world, riding tights are essentially a middle ground between breeches and workout/yoga pants – stretchy and breathable material, with the functionality that allows them to be worn riding. Riding Tights are not to be confused with the ones I came close to wearing when I forgot my breeches for my lesson – those ones were actual tights, 40 denier and would not have looked as flattering as the Riding Tights I have had the honour of trialling for the last few weeks.

A shot of the side pocket, logo and mesh side panels.

Ah, Horseware. Is there anything you can’t do right? Rugs? Check. Tack? Check. Now, both riding and casual wear? Check and CHECK. I follow Horseware on Instagram and am absolutely loving their new women’s clothing range – so many beautiful colours, styles and pieces that can be worn at and outside the yard. For the last few weeks, I have been living in the Horseware Riding Tights – volunteering at shows, doing jobs around the yard, popping out to the shops, or going straight to the yard after being out for the day. I wore them until I absolutely could no longer get away with not washing them, washed them and began wearing them again. I love them!

You can read the full detail about the tights in the description on the link above, but here are a couple of things I love about the riding tights:

  • The Sizing: the tights are true to size, and I was over the moon to find I fit into a size small – I am size 10.
  • The Waistband: the tights are high-waisted, and really

    A side on view of the tights – they are quite flattering on!

    flatter the figure – everything is ‘sucked in’ and ‘lifted’!

  • The Material: while it is an exercise legging style material, it is not as sheen-y or slidey as you might think (as this was a key concern of mine) – it’s really soft and stretchy, breathable, so comfortable, and I’d have no qualms about riding in it.
  • The Knee Patches: to help you feel more secure in the saddle, the tights have micro-fibre knee patches and inside legs.
  • The Pockets: there is a pocket on both sides of the legs for your mobile phone (it fits my iPhone perfectly) which is much more comfortable than having it digging into your hips when you’re riding.
  • The Design: the tights are extremely stylish, and designed to really flatter your figure, but also be very practical – breathable mesh side panels as well as reflective logos so you’re seen!

Verdict? I love these riding tights. I love that I can wear them from the yard to meet my friends (because it is now socially acceptable to wear our ‘Active Wear‘ when we are not physically being active), or vice versa. They are stylish enough to wear out in public, practical enough to wear to the yard or in the saddle, and flexible enough to do a gym or yoga session in! I am not sure I’d wear them on a fresh horse (always throw on the full seat breeches for days like this!), but bar this I cannot think of another situation I wouldn’t wear them in.

Here is a picture of of me jumping around in the pants to show you just how flexible they are!

I love to jump.

I got my Horseware Riding Tights from, they are €69.99 and can be bought here. If you are a riding club member, don’t forget you can use your AIRC discount for 10% off with Horseworld! Horseworld are an Irish company based in Mayo, and Anne is a riding club member herself – support local!

This product was sent to me by Horseworld to test and review, but my review is honest and unbiased – I thoroughly test all products before posting a review, and will never recommend or endorse a product I do not truly believe in. I am a loyal Horseworld customer for years, and a big fan of Horseware Ireland.

Natalie xo


    • Not a weird question! I would say they would look OK… they are very similiar to gym pants with the high elasticated waist, so if you imagine a polo shirt with gym pants? Only thing is the waist does come up to your hips so depends on how you like to wear your polo shirt and if you’re OK with tucking it in that high up. I usually wear fitted t-shirts out over them 🙂

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