A few years, pursuing our dreams, and some perspective

This day two years ago I completed my first One Day Event on my lovely mare Betsey! I will never forget how excited and nervous I was all at the same time, and the horrendous weather we had on the day – thunder, lightning, hailstones, the works! No bad weather was going to stop me from achieving my dream of completing a ODE, and I still remember galloping across the finish line with tears in my eyes, so proud of my super mare who always looked after me so well. I also remember swiftly dismounting and loading her into the trailer as the hailstones were so bad – we had to untack and de-stud in the trailer!
On paper we didn’t have a great day – an average dressage test, a silly pole in the SJ, and an even sillier stop on the XC because the rider activated ‘potato mode’ and forgot how to ride. Despite this I still remember it as one of the best days in my horsey lifetime – I ticked a childhood dream off my bucket list, and it’s where my passion for Eventing began. 

Perspective is important. I am guilty of being too hard on myself – I chastise myself for a clear SJ round that didn’t have perfect lead changes, a winning test that had a shoddy mark for one movement, or a clear cross-country that had some dodgy lines. Yet two years ago, I cried with joy at completing an event because that was my only goal – to complete safe and sound. Paddy being out of action has really helped me regain that perspective, and right now I am so excited at the prospect of just sitting on my wonderful pony again, that a One Day Event is certainly another bucket list item right now!

I haven’t stopped chasing the Eventing dream since that day, and while this season may not be my season, I’m ready to put in the work so that Paddy and I will both be fighting fit for the 2018 Eventing Season. 
Natalie xo


  1. When horses get injured it does totally change your perspective. Now that Vallu has been injured twice, I have learnt to enjoy EVERY single ride because I never know if it might be my last one. Hopefully you and Paddy will have a great 2018 season!

  2. great point about perspective – our goals and standards change over time, but it’s so important to always take a moment to just enjoy the experience! looking forward to a strong 2018 for you and Paddy!

    • Totally agree Emma! It is OK to increase or change standards over time but also important to be pleased with how far we have come and be grateful for all we have!

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