#FollowFriday: Sharing the best Equestrian Blogs for you to follow!

#FollowFriday Week One: Wild Atlantic Rider by Catherine Meenaghan – here

#FollowFriday Week Two: Headstrong Equestrian by Nicola Strong – here

#FollowFriday Week Three: Diary of a Wimpy Eventer by Victoria Brant – here

#FollowFriday Week Four: Gee Gee & Me by Jessica Challinor – here

#FollowFriday Week Five: Life on the Left Rein by Tina Wallace – here

I have been blogging for a little over a year now, but my passion for writing and online blogs spans many years – from my first blog which focused on my day job of online advertising, to following the blogs of others. It was reading other people’s blogs that gave me the confidence and motivation to go out and set up my own, and I hope that I can do the same for others who are on the fence or considering giving blogging a go.

I have continued to follow my old favourites, and work hard to discover new and up-and-coming bloggers to follow, as part and parcel of my own blogging journey. I document many of these blogs in this living “Favourites” post here. This helps me to improve my own writing style and content that I produce by learning from others, but also (and more importantly) gives me a network of like-minded people to share ideas with and get support from.

The equestrian blogging community are a very support bunch of people, and I have made some amazing friends through my blog that I never imagined I would – many whom I have still not met in person but would consider them a trusted source to bounce ideas off! Many of these bloggers are more established than I am, or blog in a very different way to me, so it’s great to have many different perspectives to learn from.

I want to a) give back to the blogging community that has served me so well by promoting the super bloggers that are out there, and b) give back to my followers by sharing blogs that I think they may like or find useful, and so with this in mind I am introducing #FollowFriday. Every Friday, I will be profiling one of my favourite bloggers – a short Q&A to help people get to know them and their blog better, and more details on how you can follow them online. Each Q&A is unique to the blogger I am profiling, so you get a taste of what their blog is about and whether you’d be interested in following them from the get-go.

I currently have about six weeks of bloggers lined up, but if people like it, I will certainly look to extend. The first #FollowFriday is going to break the rules as I was at a friend’s wedding on Friday so have to publish on a Sunday – but promise you that from next week on it will be on Fridays!

I will link all #FollowFridays into this post as the weeks go on so feel free to bookmark it and come back to it in case you miss the posts each week (HINT: If you subscribe you won’t miss any posts – go on, do it!)

This is the first regular ‘series’ I have done on my blog, so I welcome all feedback from my followers.

You can also take a look at some of my other favourite blogs here.

Natalie xo



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