Horses: The Ultimate De-Stresser

Sitting in one spot on the motorway (slash car park) for near on an hour was not part of the plan today. What should have taken 45minutes to drive took two hours due to an incident that closed off one lane of the motorway, and as I pulled into the yard I was beyond frazzled and tired.

Then I see this face and all of that goes away – totally worth it 

Inside Track Eventing

Those ears!

I don’t think non-horsey people will ever get this, but horses have the ability to take away all your worries and stress, just by being there. Dragging yourself to the yard after a tough day at the office, or when you’re not feeling so hot, can be really hard to do, but in all the years I’ve owned a horse I’ve never once regretted dragging myself to the yard. I’ve regretted the occasions I didn’t go more, and on the days I’m really feeling out of sorts I choose to just lunge or even groom instead of passing my negative energy on to my horse.

Paddy was in great form today and full of the love! He has zero sense of personal space 

Horse Rider Bond

So much love… for the treats I have in my pocket!

I have never met a horse who loves scratches more than him, watch the video 

So all in all, a lovely sunny evening spent with my favourite four-legged pal, and I’ve come home very happy  Next time you have a bad day, go see your pony and scratch all your stress away!

Natalie xo

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