Product Review: LeMieux Lava Burst Shampoo

One of the products I recently received from Horse Health as their ‘Official Product Blogger’ to review was the LeMieux Lava Burst Shampoo – Luxurious Lathering Shampoo!

The LeMieux Lava Burst Shampoo cleans, conditions and intesifies coat colour – you could compare it to the specialised colour-enhancing shampoos that us humans shell out so much money on every month! It contains Aloe Vera, Chamomile, and is also enhanced with natural fruit extracts (including Peach). I would imagine this is what gives it its AMAZING smell – I cannot emphasise just how amazing the smell is, it’s so rich and fruity, and not only can you smell it in the bottle, but you can smell it on the horse’s coat too.

LeMieux Lava Burst Shampoo

For those of you who love a good lather, or have a horse who needs a good scrubbing, Lava Burst creates a proper lather with just a small amount, and really lifts dirt from coat. Having a horse on box rest who gets a scurfy coat from the dust settling in under the hair, he needs a good deep clean every few weeks, and I’ve found Lava Burst to do a great job.

Look at the shine!

I use Lava Burst all over the coat and find it is gentle enough to use around the face (being careful to avoid the eyes), as well as the mane and tail. It also does a great job at making the white bits white (Paddy has two white socks). I find that it washes out easily without leaving residue, and Paddy (who has quite sensitive skin) has had no reactions from it – the Aloe Vera and Chamomile are likely to thank for this!

You can see from the pictures the shine that Lava Burst gives to the coat – this was after washing Paddy who had lots of dust and grime build up from being on box rest for over a month at this stage. His coat is soft and shiny, and smells delicious!

Lava Burst is now my go to shampoo for deep cleaning, gentle on skin, and shiny results.

Natalie xo

This product was sent to me by HorseHealth to test and review, but my review is honest and unbiased – I thoroughly test all products before posting a review, and will never recommend or endorse a product I do not truly believe in. 

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