An Early Birthday Present: The Horseware Ice-Vibe Boots!

In praise of the NHOH – the Non-Horsey Other Half!

As part of Paddy’s rehab, I’ve been advised by my vet to ice Paddy’s legs every day after riding to help with the healing, and reduce any inflammation. I had been looking at the Horseware Ice-Vibe Boots as an option to save time, so I could treat Paddy’s legs post-ride, and then head off and do a few bits with Willow.

Horseware Ice Vibe

My birthday is in a couple of weeks, so my lovely other half bought these, plus a cool bag for them, and gave them to me today as an early present, as he knew Paddy was coming home tomorrow and I would need them 

Horseware Ice Vibe

So excited to try them – these are the Extra Full boot, as I wanted something that would go down around the pastern, so I hope they fit! I plan to use the vibration panels before exercise, and the ice packs after exercise – I have been told not to use both together as the two treatments serve different purposes so best to use each feature individually.

Horseware Ice Vibe Horseware Ice Vibe

These were on sale at 25% off from The Equine Warehouse, and the offer is still running!

Natalie xo

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