Product Review: LeMieux Anti Rub Bib

It’s that time of year folks – clipping and rugging time! And that means it’s also that time of year where we cry over mane loss and bald patches on our horse’s coats. There is nothing more frustrating than going to a show with a chunk of mane missing, or two big bald patches on your horse’s shoulders.

LeMieux Anti Rub Bib

Well let me introduce you to a product that is going to solve all your problems – the LeMieux Anti Rub Bib from! Paddy trialled this while his coat was changing, when he is most susceptible to rubs from his rugs. We then passed the review torch over to our friend Helen and her horse Basil, who is extremely sensitive and suffered badly from rubs to both his coat and his mane last year. Helen happened to mention this to me so I immediately offered the bib to her to try, to see if it would help at all.

LeMieux Anti Rub Bib

*Sizing & Fit*

The LeMieux Anti Rub Bib comes in 7 sizes, from XXS right up to XXL, so there is truly a size for every horse. I was given the XL to try and it fit both Paddy and Basil very well, who are around 16.2 and of relatively average build. There was a bit of room at the shoulders so it would fit a slightly stockier 16.2 I would say.

LeMieux Anti Rub Bib


The LeMieux Anti Rub Bib is made from a friction free polyester. Upon touching it you can feel exactly how it prevents rubs! This is combined with a four way stretch bamboo chest, and a super-soft wither guard which is made of Merino wool 😍

Luxury in a bib!

LeMieux Anti Rub Bib

*Using the bib*

The LeMieux Anti Rub Bib is put on over the horse’s head and pulled back over the neck and withers. Neither Paddy nor Basil were phased or bothered in any way by the bib going on over their head, it is quite wide at the base of the bib so does not touch the head when being put on.

Once pulled on the bib reaches well past the withers to about the middle of where the saddle sits. It is secured with an elasticated belly strap, which has the trademark LeMieux super-strong Velcro. Anytime I receive a product from LeMieux that has Velcro, it is unbelievably strong! 💪🏻

The Merino wool wither guard (which feels exactly like the beautifully soft fleecy throws I have for my sofa at home) goes right up over the withers and up the neck, preventing pesky mane rubs and going well beyond the base of stable or turnout rugs.

LeMieux Anti Rub Bib


Paddy used this when his coat was changing – the time he is most likely to get bald patches on his shoulders. He got no rubs and the bib stayed in place over a period of 2-3 weeks (when you have a horse on box rest for nearly 7 months the weeks and months all blur into one!).

I then passed it to Helen – who has yet to find a bib that will stop Basil losing his mane and getting bald patches – for an unbiased review. Helen had been using Lycra bibs with little success, and was delighted to try this bib from LeMieux.

Fast forward a month and Basil has no mane rubs, no bald patches, and Helen is now planning to buy a bib of her own as I will be using it again once Paddy is clipped!

LeMieux Anti Rub Bib


I was very pleased with the fit, durability and effectiveness of the bib. I was keen to really put the bib to the test by giving it to an unbiased person to try, and testing it on a horse who would potentially be the toughest to show results on – and Basil was the perfect candidate! He has proven that this bib does exactly what it has promised it will do – and the fact that his owner wants to buy her own just validates it’s effectiveness.

Save your horse’s beautiful mane and coat this winter, and get your own bib from for £32.95.

Natalie xo

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