My Favourite Equestrian Books

Today is Thursday March 1st, and not only is it #SnowDay, it is also World Book Day! I absolutely love to read, always have done – I love fiction, fact and everything in between! I have a huge thirst for knowledge, and books allow me to continue to learn about my passion outside of the saddle and away from the stables. In celebration of this day, I would like to share my favourite books with you all:

101 Exercises Series (various authors)

I currently have most of this series:

They are fantastic for schooling ideas if you’re at a loose end, or more specifically to solve a particular challenge you are having. Never have an excuse for an aimless schooling session again!

Manual of Horsemanship by The Pony Club

This is a timeless book full of all the essentials of horsemanship for any horse owner – everything from horse care, feeding, tack to riding. It never gets old and I’d recommend it to anyone!

That Winning Feeling by Jane Savoie

This is a great book on the Psychology of Riding – in it, Jane provides actionable tips to ‘program your mind for peak performance’, covering everything from goal setting, mental attitude, approach to training and competition, and dealing with setbacks.

Valegro: Champion Horse by Carl Hester

This biography of one of the greatest dressage horses (nay, greatest horses full stop?) the world has seen, is well worth a read – showcasing all aspects of his life from birth to setting world records. I loved how in his early days he wasn’t exactly destined for the stardom he now has, but Carl and Charlotte saw something special and gave him the wonderful home and training he has had to now.

Down to Earth Dressage by Carl Hester

I stumbled across this book in a second hand bookstore and picked it up on a whim, and it ended up becoming one of my favourite books I’ve ever read. Carl provides actionable and digestible insights

How to Get Your Leg Over

A great book from our favourite blogger Victoria Brant of Diary of a Wimpy Eventer – chronicling her journey from lost confidence to getting back on her horse Pat, completing a season out eventing and everything in between. Her latest book – How To Stay On Top – is now out and I have yet to purchase it but plan to very soon!

My Way: How I Train for Success by Mary King

A no fuss, down to earth and sympathetic approach to training horses of all ages, breeds and levels – everything from running her yard, to training tips, and input from other top trainers and riders. Mary is old-school and a true horsewoman, and that is the best way to be.

Horse & Rider Magazine

OK, so it’s not exactly a ‘book’ per se, but it’s a thing I like to read! I subscribe to the digital version and love the articles and exercises they put up each month. I also like the additional content they put up on their YouTube channel!


There are so many other books I have read and learned from over the years, but these are just some of my favourites. I am always looking for new books to read, what are your favourites? They don’t even have to be horsey!

Natalie xo


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