Celebrating International Women’s Day: Who Inspires You?

Happy International Women’s Day!

Today I want to ask (and answer) the question – what female inspires you, or has had an impact on your life?

For me, it’s my lovely Mum (pictured). I’m an only child, and my Mum raised me alone – but this is not something that defines me, nor did my Mum ever even make it a ‘thing’ growing up. In our home, no dream – no matter how big – was unattainable, as long as you maintained a positive ‘can do’ attitude and were willing to work for it. I was always taught that no job or task was beneath anyone, no matter how important you are – or think you are – and that you should always be respectful and kind to people. I was taught the importance of paying my own way, managing my finances, and that nothing worth having comes easy or for free.



I believe that these values that my mother instilled in me are the very reason I feel so blessed to have the life I have today. Growing up we never had the money for horses, and I remember the envy I felt watching some of my friends with their own horses – but I wanted it so badly that I worked and volunteered every spare minute I could at my local riding school in exchange for lessons and riding ‘bold ponies’. I promised myself that before I was 30 I would have my own horse – that I would work hard, get a good job, and save my ass off and that the reward would be so much sweeter when I knew I had earned it myself.

That’s exactly what I did. I worked hard in every job I had, thankfully got promoted quickly, and earned enough money at the age of 27 to buy my first horse (having loaned a horse for two years before). That horse was Paddy! There is nothing quite like the feeling of getting something that you have waited quite literally your whole life for!

Every setback I have had, every challenge I have faced, my Mum has been the first person I’ve called, and the one who has always been there to pick me up, dust me off, and get me focused on how I can turn the situation around. The values she taught me through my life are the reason I believe I will make the best of any situation and why I know that no matter what, I will always – as us Irish say – ‘make out just fine’. We are grafters!

And it being Mother’s Day this weekend, this feels a very fitting post. My Mum lives all the way over in Australia so I miss her lots, but I’m very excited to be going to visit her in three weeks time

So tell me – who inspires you?

Natalie xo

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