Inside Track Eventing Welcomes HayLo!

HayLo Horse Feeder

I’m thrilled to be a Brand Ambassador for HayLo – the latest innovation in hay and haylage feeding. The Haylo feeder is designed to encourage horses to eat from a more natural ‘grazing’ position, which has knock-on benefits for their teeth and neck/back muscles. Having had two very food-orientated (read:greedy) horses, and one who was a particularly good-doer … [Read more…]

Murphy’s Laws of Horse Ownership

Murphy's Law for Horse Owners

Murphy’s Law – the old adage that states ‘anything that can go wrong, will go wrong’. And as someone who finds herself running into some sort of mishap on a regular basis (mostly due to my lack of organisation and dramatic tendencies), I am all too familiar with some of these ‘Equestrian Murphy’s Laws’: 1. … [Read more…]


Whew! What a busy few weeks it has been for me – I haven’t stopped to take a breath! Lots happening at the moment so grab a quick cuppa and I’ll fill you in… Goodbye Betsey… After two years of fun, I made the difficult decision to find Betsey a new home. After everything she … [Read more…]

Get Your Head in the Game – Sports Psychology for Equestrians

As someone who is extremely self-conscious and suffers from terrible competition nerves, I was really excited to hear that the West Leinster Region of AIRC had arranged for a talk with Sports Psychologist Anna Donnla O’Hagan of Dublin City University. The talk, which took place in July 2015, was primarily geared towards helping attendees overcome nerves and become … [Read more…]

Welcome to Inside Track Eventing!

Welcome to Inside Track Eventing! I’m Natalie, an ambitious amateur rider just starting out in the wonderful world of Irish eventing. I have a full-time job, and I spend pretty much every other minute of my spare time doing something equine-related, even if I’m not on a horse! I’ve been riding pretty much all my life, … [Read more…]