I, Natalie, take thee Paddy…

Partnership. It’s a term you hear bandied about quite a bit in horse-world – ‘what a fabulous partnership you two have’, or ‘it takes a true partnership to achieve results like that’. But what does it really mean? Why is it so important to have this elusive ‘partnership’ with your horse, and how do you know when … [Read more…]

Dane Rawlins Dressage Lesson Report

Dane Rawlins Dressage Lesson

As a member of the Eastern Region of Dressage Ireland, I have the opportunity to take part in subsidised training with top local and international dressage trainers. The most recent one ER organised was with Dane Rawlins – Grand Prix Dressage rider, Director of Dressage at Hickstead and UK List 1 Judge – and I jumped at the opportunity … [Read more…]