I, Natalie, take thee Paddy…

Partnership. It’s a term you hear bandied about quite a bit in horse-world – ‘what a fabulous partnership you two have’, or ‘it takes a true partnership to achieve results like that’. But what does it really mean? Why is it so important to have this elusive ‘partnership’ with your horse, and how do you know when … [Read more…]

Inside Track… Showjumping?

Showjumping is my kryptonite. I’ve always seen it as the necessary evil between the Dressage (which I love) and getting to run riot on the XC course, and I have never really enjoyed it. Between trying to get that elusive ‘canter’ (AGH THE CANTER), and trying to see a stride (WHY do I always go … [Read more…]

Inside Track Eventing Welcomes HayLo!

HayLo Horse Feeder

I’m thrilled to be a Brand Ambassador for HayLo – the latest innovation in hay and haylage feeding. The Haylo feeder is designed to encourage horses to eat from a more natural ‘grazing’ position, which has knock-on benefits for their teeth and neck/back muscles. Having had two very food-orientated (read:greedy) horses, and one who was a particularly good-doer … [Read more…]

Murphy’s Laws of Horse Ownership

Murphy's Law for Horse Owners

Murphy’s Law – the old adage that states ‘anything that can go wrong, will go wrong’. And as someone who finds herself running into some sort of mishap on a regular basis (mostly due to my lack of organisation and dramatic tendencies), I am all too familiar with some of these ‘Equestrian Murphy’s Laws’: 1. … [Read more…]